WC3(WC-triple):Wikipedia Category Comprehensiveness Checker (DBpedia 2016-10 version)

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WC3 (WC-triple: Wikipedia Category Comprehensiveness Checker; formerly named as Wikipedia Category Consistency Checker) checks comprehensiveness of Wikipedia category information by using DBpedia information.
WC3 stores SPARQL queries of the DBpedia for representing the Wikipedia categories and compares retrieved results for checking the comprehensiveness of the Wikipedia category. Initial SPARQL queries were automatically generated (See and can be modified manually when the new queries are better than stored one in F-measure. System outputs include: It is better to check the contents of NotFound and Error for improving consistency of the category pages.


You can check the example result for analyzing category "Songs written by Paul McCartney" example result of WC3.
The usage of the system is simple.
  1. Input the name of the category in Category: text box and click the Check button. When you type the first two characters in the text box, candidate category names start with input characters are shown as a list.
    The system may take several minutes to retrieve the results
  2. The results are shown at the bottom of the page.
    Detailed information of Found, NotFound, Error are displayed by clicking ▽.
  3. If the user is not satisfied with the automatically constructed query, he/she can modify the sparql query in the SPARQL textbox (you can only use the simple constraints of "?s") and check "No automatic SPARQL query generation (Use SPARQL query below) box before clicking the Check button.
    Results of the constructed query may vary because the system uses random sampling for sibling categories of the query category.
  4. For each page, you can check the Wikipedia and/or DBpedia information by using the Wikipedia or DBpedia link in the table.
  5. For any new searches, please ensure to clear both the Category: and SPARQL textboxes by clicking "Clear SPARQL".

NotFound information

NotFound information shows the reason why specific category pages are not retrieved by the query.

Error information

Error information shows a list of pages that are retrieved by the query and do not belongs to the category. The section also includes common attribute information related to the error page. That may be used for excluding those pages from the retrieved results. First number shows number of page that shares the attribute for error page and second number shows for pages that belongs to the target category page.

Typical Analysis Cases

Small Errors

Consistent Category